Asia's Leading Communications Specialists 



English Solutions was founded in 2001 to offer an alternative to the myriad of corporate communication and academic consulting services available in Thailand. With a rapidly growing list of clients and consultants, our mission is to utilize new ideas and methods to refresh business communications. English Solutions defines itself by the principle of providing professional services through expert resources to achieve outstanding results. Guided by our clients’ needs, we have translated this principle into concrete leadership programs that are tailor made, utilize cutting edge technology and fit individual needs.

We make these seven guarantees to all the clients that we serve:

  • Customization:

          Targeted solutions and services are developed with the specific client in mind.

  • Expertise:

          Our expert consultants are professionals with advanced degrees and business savvy.

  • Flexibility:

          Flexible scheduling, meeting locations and pricing benefit our clients.

  • Integrated Technology:

          Our website is home to an array of online materials and support services.

  • Adaptability:

          We maintain long-term partnerships by adapting to our clients’ changing needs.

  • Interactivity:

          Interactions are personalized and involve all sides. We enjoy our client contact.

  • Added Value:

          We develop and strengthen individuals and organizations with our solutions.


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