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We believe that improving English communications means building your entire team. Our services are as diverse as our clients, and our flexibility allows us to create customized solutions for all types of businesses. Our solutions include:

Business, Legal and Technical English Training Programs:

The staff and management of an organization are its most important resources. Developing their skills is essential for both personal and organizational growth. We focus on building English skills and improving confidence in the learner. Find out more about the E.S. Approach: The E.S. Corporate Training Methodology

  • Business Writing
  • Business Conversation
  • Legal Writing
  • English Fundamentals

Targeted Corporate Training Programs:

No two organizations have the same needs. As a result, we understand that customized training programs are beneficial in targeting the specific needs of each client. We can design a tailor-made program, including customized materials and an expert trainer, to meet the management’s requirements and the staff’s levels and interests. To arrange a free consultation and assessment of your firm’s training needs, contact us by email at or phone at 66-2-713-3030.

Corporate Seminars:

Hosting seminar is a great way to provide high impact learning over a short period. We offer ‘Marketing Your Firm,’ ‘Study/Work Abroad,’ ‘Cross Cultural Communications,’ and ‘Business/Legal Writing Seminars & Workshops. Our experts can customize a seminar to fit your firm’s specific needs.


In designing our corporate training programs, we aim to integrate the following features:

  • Small Groups
    We firmly believe that the best results in training come in small groups of one to six people. This allows for a more intensive and productive learning environment where results can be achieved more quickly
  • Customization
    From developing the materials to choosing the trainer, we customize our training programs to fit individual needs and interests
  • Interactivity and Fun
    In the training room, interactive exercises and activities play a key role in making the learning environment fun and in motivating the participants to improve their skills
  • Expertise
    All of our trainers are native English speakers, have advanced degrees from universities and most importantly have experience working with Thai and other ESL learners. Our ultimate objective is to provide a professional experience using an expert trainer
  • Flexibility
    We provide flexibility in scheduling, meeting locations, pricing and in most other features of our program. Our clients value the hassle-free working relationship that we provide
  • Integrated Technology
    A standard feature of our training programs is access to an array of online materials and support services via the English Solutions website
  • Adaptability
    Our goal is to develop and maintain long term partnerships with our clients. Therefore, we focus on going beyond on course and helping them reach their ultimate educational goals
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