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TDI Group’s core belief is that Communications is the lifeblood of an organization and managers need to understand communication strategies to consistently meet organizational goals. Communications is the tool that leaders use to either control, motivate, express emotions or ensure constant flow of information. Words are power. They move the action forward or backward; there is no such thing as an empty comment from a great manager and all words have meaning and impact. Leaders and managers who fail to recognize the impact of their words will find themselves frustrated with constant communication breakdowns, lack of engagement in their team, and unnecessary time delays. The truth is that leadership experience, technical skills, or MBAs will never overcome poor communication skills.

With more than 10 years’ experience in Human Resources and Organizational Communications, we are the final piece of your great-manager “jigsaw”. Let us explain further. Most leaders and managers have been trained in many different facets of leadership, but few have had the opportunity to learn how words shape reality and determine both their future and the future of the organization. At TDI, we don’t seek to change legacy systems; instead, we plug into your in-house training model with our research-based, progressive workshops, which are ideal for managers who are already successful and who want to achieve much more through their best resource people.

We Specialize in…

  • Executive Communications Coaching
  • Virtual Environment Communications
  • Cross Cultural Communications
  • Dealing with Resistance Strategies
  • Providing Negative Feedback Strategies
  • Encouraging Innovation Strategies
  • Cross Cultural Presentations
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