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The Test of English for King Power (TOEKP) is for developing a comprehensive English Speaking & Listening Assessment for King Power Duty Free to gain a solid understanding of the work-related English skills of the King Power applicants. TOEKP will be an important tool for determining the areas of English for Sales in which King Power Sales Staff, Cashiers and Supervisors need improvement.



This English Speaking & Listening Assessment is created especially for the staff of King Power Duty Free. Special attention will be given to the specific workplace communications of each individual. Understanding of cultural differences (e.g. language and expectations) of typical King Power customers will also be a main component of the assessment. We will customize the content to fit the Management’s objectives for the requirements of Sales Staff, Cashiers and Supervisors.



The TOEKP has two parts which is Speaking assessment and Listening assessment. The Speaking Assessment will involve a 5-minute sales interaction between a “customer” (evaluator) and a Sales Staff, Cashier or Supervisor as well as a 5-minute product presentation based on an item randomly chosen from the test taker’s shop. The Listening Assessment will be 45 minutes; the structure will be listening to shorter and longer customer interactions with King Power staff and answering various types of questions, primarily multiple choice.

The TOEKP is scored based on a scale similar to the TOEIC. The specialization of the TOEKP, however, indicates that the employee must be acceptable in both listening and speaking to justify their total score. If an employee scores well on only one part, they will not score well on the entire test. For a better understanding of the abilities of various employees, refer to their overall score in conjunction with their individual listening and speaking scores.

Total Score = Listening Comprehension Score (495) + Speaking Score (495)


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